Home Goods Top Category for Black Friday?


Episode Overview:

Join host Ben as he continues Black Friday Predictions Week with Searchmetrics’ VP of Services Tyson Stockton as they make predictions for Black Friday this year. Together they predict that the top shopping category this year will be home goods.

Historically electronics are one of the strongest performing categories, and is likely to strongly perform this year as well. Despite the next series of iPhones and the highly-anticipated debut of the PS5, these new items are unlikely to see discount prices so close to Black Friday. Tyson expects the category to have the most growth is home goods as the COVID-19 Pandemic continues to keep people at home.

Since the beginning of the pandemic the home goods category has grown substantially, as people sheltering in place were forced to work from home. People sought to make their homes more comfortable, create and furnish their home offices with new equipment and furniture. As another wave of coronavirus infections sweep the U.S. at the beginning of the holiday season, it’s expected the home goods category will experience more growth.

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