Third-Party Bot Traffic Does Not Impact Your Google Rankings

A webmaster asked on Twitter if having “a lot of bot traffic coming in” and if that bot traffic is “tagged under organic traffic, will this have an adverse any effect or does google ignore this.” The answer is no, John Mueller of Google said “That has no effect on Google Search.”

Here are those tweets:

Now there are many ways to break down what this person may be asking. It seems the concern he has is around having Google Analytics data that shows a lot of fake organic traffic is coming to the site. Maybe that traffic doesn’t end up converting or engaging with the site? Either way, John is saying that their (1) Google does not use Google Analytics data for ranking, which he said hundreds of times in the past and/or (2) having bots go to your site does not impact Google.

I mean, if those bots are slowing down the performance of your site, that may impact how Google crawls your site, but that is a far-reaching example.

The follow up question went a bit more far off:

Anyway, just focus on your content and your site. Don’t get bogged down in these types of issues for rankings.

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