How to Prepare for Mobile-Only Indexing


Episode Overview:

Join host Ben as he continues Mobile Indexing Week with Jordan Koene, SEO Strategist and Advisor to Searchmetrics. Together they discuss how to prepare for the switch towards mobile-only indexing. 

Jordan starts the conversation with how to prepare for going mobile and what companies need to do. He focuses on understanding the data that are being collected in order to know your audience. Businesses with mobile apps should focus on image optimization, the layout of content, where CTA’s are placed, the navigation structure. These things can be tested and improved over time. Testing is important so that you can improve your traffic and increase audience retention.

For companies that do not have a mobile focus, they should prioritize where they place CTA’s, the navigation structure, and the content on the page. SEOs should focus on a mobile focus course to really understand the layout. Those that prioritize the right thing on their pages have a higher chance of converting.