Rachel Maddow Of MSNBC Calls Out Google For Hiding Search Ads, It Sounds Like She Has Malware

Rachel Maddow Of MSNBC posted on Twitter that she is switching from Google Search because Google is hiding its search ads, jumping the page all around and when you click on something, it triggers an unwanted ad that opens in a new window. This, to me, sounds like typical malware that overtakes the computer and is not coming from Google’s end.

Here is that tweet:

We’ve seen reports of this before and covered how there can be malware or bad browser extensions causing this. There is little Google can do to stop a computer with malware from changing its search results. Here is what it looked like in 2018:

click for full size

Danny Sullivan from Google responded on Twitter saying “We don’t have “unlabeled” ads. Any ad in our Search results are labeled. Happy to see an example of what you’re concerned about here to pass on to the team.” He added “none of this matches with how we serve ads. They’re labeled. They don’t jump into results after the results have been generated. The new tab stuff sounds odd.”

Again, Rachel Maddow most likely has some some type of computer virus.

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