Google Watch To Watch Carousel Now Expands

Google’s “what to watch” carousel in the search results now expand when you hover your mouse cursor over a specific graphic. The last time this watch to watch carousel was updated, at least from my records, was in 2019, and then it went into a carousel format. Now it is a bit more interactive.

Update: This is not new, I covered it over here in June 2020.

You can try it yourself by searching for things like [comedies on netflix] – here is a GIF of it in action from Ujesh on Twitter:

Here is a video I made of it in action:

This is not a huge change but does feel more interactive and movie like with the expandable feature.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

Eh, not 100% new, I kind of felt that was the case but couldn’t find my coverage and now I can over here. So not new. 🙂