Microsoft Bing CEO Says Google Bard Uses A Much Smaller Model Than Bing Chat

Mikhail Parakhin, the current CEO of Bing at Microsoft and former CTO at Yandex said that Google Bard uses a “much smaller model” than Bing Chat. This came after someone complimented Bard for its speed over Bing Chat.

Mikhail Parakhin wrote on Twitter, “They [Google Bard] have a much smaller model.”

One user said that Google Bard is faster than Bing Chat but that is the one benefit over Bing Chat. Mikhail Parakhin said “true” and then explained why, because Google uses a smaller model.

Here are those tweets:

Note that this is after Bard was upgraded to PaLM2 and other big upgrades.

In March, Mikhail Parakhin said that Bard is pretty far behind Bing Chat and they also mocked the early version of how Bard did citations, which were also recently updated.

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