Bing Webmaster Tools Bing Chat Reporting Almost Ready

Fabrice Canel from Microsoft Bing posted a tease on Twitter of the heavily anticipated upgrade to Bing Webmaster Tools. We are expecting Bing Chat reporting, so we can see impressions and clicks directly from Bing Chat to our sites, like Bing shows us from Bing Search.

Fabrice initially told us this would be live this month, but it seems like Microsoft Bing has to do a bit more testing before it is released.

Fabrice posted an update on Twitter saying, “The anticipation is building! We’re diligently auditing and fine-tuning to ensure accuracy and precision.” “Stay tuned for the upcoming new performance report, just a few more days to go,” he added.

Then he dropped this blurred-out screenshot of the report:

click for full size

So stay tuned, this is coming soon.

I do hope Google follows suit with SGE and Google Search Console.

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