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Many SEOs Still Will Prioritize Core Web Vitals Google Page Experience Efforts

Despite all the new messaging that the Google Page Experience update that launches this May 2021, won’t result in massive changes and the impact won’t be huge after it rolls out, many SEOs will still prioritize their Core Web Vitals / Google Page Experience optimization efforts.

Aleyda Solis posted a poll on Twitter asking “does this [the news about it not being a massive change] change your current Web Vitals/Page Experience optimization efforts/priorities?”

The response showed that almost 70% of SEOs who completed the poll said they will still prioritize these efforts. Where as 22% said they never prioritized them and now 9% said they will no longer prioritize them.

If you drop out the “Just wanna see results” here is how the data lays out:

Last month we published a different poll from Lily Ray showing the impact SEOs feel will be from this update – I assume those results will change after reading Google’s new messaging around it.

Truth is, prioritization of SEO efforts depends on where the site is today. If the site needs major basic SEO work, like basic title tags, indexing issues, etc – then that should be a priority over core web vitals. But if the site is doing well with all of the SEO checklist items, then focusing a lot of core web vitals, even if it is not for ranking purposes, makes a lot of sense.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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