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Google Ads Mobile App Custom Notifications & Performance Insights

Google AdWords App

Google has added to the Google Ads mobile app custom notifications and review performance insights notifications. Google says this will “help you monitor and improve performance in real time.” Google announced this on Twitter.

Here are how the custom notifications and performance insights notifications work.

Custom Notifications in Google Ads Mobile App

To configure these custom notifications in the Google Ads mobile app you go to the Settings page in the app and opt in to notifications. Then, tap on custom notifications to set up your alerts and when you want to see them.

Here is the example Google gave, let’s say you’re planning a Spring Sale campaign, and you want to stay on top of how conversion volume changes week-over-week. With this new feature, you can create a custom notification to alert you when weekly conversions increase by more than 10%.

Custom Notifications in Google Ads Mobile App

Performance Insights Notifications in Google Ads Mobile App

With the performance insights notifications you will receive a real-time notification if there’s a significant performance change, and an explanation describing why the change occurred. You may also see a recommendation to help you resolve the issue.

Here is how that looks:

Performance Insights Notifications in Google Ads Mobile App

And yes, I know the graphic says Google AdWords – you can call me old school.

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