Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update February 17th

I am seeing some early signs of yet another Google Search ranking algorithm update this morning. The SEO community is starting to buzz about ranking fluctuations this morning and some of the tracking tools are already picking up on the changes to the Google Search rankings.

The last unconfirmed update reported here was on or around February 8th and then Google confirmed rolling out the passage ranking update the night of February 10th. So this one seems new and unrelated to those.

A WebmasterWorld thread has some posts starting late last night through this morning with chatter:

It seemed like perhaps USA traffic was recovering earlier but it dropped off a cliff again at 2pm…USA and UK traffic are both off exactly 29% at 5:30pm EST. Overall searches down 25% and direct down 18%.

Anyone noticing more change this morning. We’re seeing quite alot again and the sensors seem to be flagging.

Massive drop this morning. U.S semrush sensor is on fire!

There has been some movement in our niche this morning for definite. Traffic volume is fairly stable but changes in rankings from last night to today.

Here are some screen shots from the tools that track these changes. Note, most are not updated yet, so I may update this story with new data later on throughout the day.

SEMRush is showing very high fluctuations:

click for full size

Cognitive SEO:

click for full size

SERPMetrics is swinging upwards:

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RankRanger has been unsettled for a while:

click for full size

SERPwoo is showing changes:

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Are you noticing any changes to your rankings or organic Google traffic as of this morning?

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