Google Search Console Screenshot Hack Trick

Valentin Pletzer along with Saijo George came up with a little trick or hack to get Google Search Console to show you a screenshot of the middle or portion of your page. Normally, the URL inspection tool screen shot is of the top of the page only but if you use the scroll-to-text URL, Google will screenshot from that location down. In short, you just need a simple old fashion jump to link using #anchors. I implemented on this story using #screenshot.

If you add the link to the jumplink anchor text, Google Search Console should scroll down to that portion, skip the stuff above it, and display a screenshot from that point downwards.

Here is an image from Saijo George showing this in action:

click for full size

Nice little tip!

Forum discussion at Twitter.

Update: Yes, I tested it on this story and it worked as expected.

click for full size