Do Not Respond To “Go Fish Digital” WhatsApp Messages

Go Fish Digital never has and never will use WhatsApp for official communications

We have been alerted to fraudulent activities where individuals primarily in Europe and Asia are being contacted by individuals that do not represent Go Fish Digital using WhatsApp. These impersonators are attempting to fraudulently obtain money and personal information from their targets. Know that the impersonators do not represent Go Fish Digital and are not connected with us in any way and we will never request payment of any kind from a  job candidate.

We recommend that if you’re contacted by someone claiming to be from Go Fish Digital on WhatsApp, do not respond or share any personal information.

Go Fish Digital will never use the following applications for recruitment or communication purposes: 

  • WhatsApp
  • Telegram 
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Google Messages
  • Signal
  • WeChat

We also recommend that you use WhatsApp’s reporting feature to report the impersonator.

For specific instructions on reporting cybercrimes in your country, please refer to your local police website or national cybercrime authorities.

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