Alex Genadinik On How To Start A Business During COVID-19

In part one, Alex Genadinik of Problemio and I spoke about why it is important to focus on niches for SEO. In part two here we talk about what you can do to make money online during COVID-19. But the truth is, most of the information you see online about making money online does not really help you make money online, it just helps those posting the information make money online.

So you need to think about how you can solve a problem that is out there, he said. Often this may be easier for someone on their second career. But he said when it comes to affiliate marketing, it is often a scam. But often, when you have experience, you’re in your second career, you have something unique to offer. He said it is the “been there and done that” but you still can offer to teach it. He said often you can still make a lot of money teaching in the space versus doing that in the space.

This is really not something that happens overnight. It takes years and years and hundreds of pieces of content to succeed. Often you tell customers to have a blog, but often these people do not have enough time and resources to launch a successful blog. He said it can be very lucrative to do a coaching program, even without that much traffic to the program. Again, it goes back to finding your niche.

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