60% Of SEOs Say SEO Is Harder Than Five Years Ago

Aleyda Solis posted a poll on Twitter asking SEOs if SEO “easier, more difficult or as difficult as 5 years ago to achieve results/goals in the SEO processes you work on?” Over 1,000 results came in and 60% of SEOs say it is harder now to do SEO than it was five years ago.

If you remove the 26.5% of votes for the “just want to see the results” answer, then you are left with 59.5% saying SEO is harder, 24.8% saying SEO is the same as it was five years ago, and 15.8% saying it is actually easier.

Here is my chart that came out of 1999:

Here is Aleyda’s tweet:

Note, the poll closes in a couple of hours, so the results may slightly change.

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