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Yext Consumer Search Trend Predictions for 2020

Yext has released their Consumer Search Trend Predictions for 2020.

Yext has released its predictions for consumer search behavior during the holiday season.

Yext’s predictions indicate that “foot traffic” to certain brick and mortar stores will only be high for certain types of stores. They’re also predicting that clicks to call businesses are expected to surge. And, clicks to a businesses’ website will surge as well, since we tend to be choosing to shop online rather than in the store.

The Yext consumer search trend predictions combine Yext’s research of consumer search behavior over the past 8 months and during last year’s holiday season.

Their notable findings are:

  • Get Directions clicks: Brick and mortar store visits have gone down overall, but certain types of stores, like jewelry and sporting goods stores, are still set to see “significant foot traffic” ahead of Christmas.
  • Website clicks: Website clicks have stayed above pre-pandemic levels, which indicates the increase in Ecommerce is here to stay during the holiday season.
  • Click to Call: We are reaching for the phone more often when we can’t confirm store hours or if they have a certain item in stock or not.

Read more on Yext’s full blog post.

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