Where Should SEO Fit into Your Marketing Mix?


Episode Overview:

Join host Ben as he chats with Jordan Koene, SEO Strategist and Advisor to Searchmetrics. Together they chat about where SEO fits within your marketing strategy. 

Jordan starts the conversation with SEO strategy. As a strategist, Jordan tells the importance of a marketing strategy as a whole. Within the marketing mix, while you don’t need to pay to utilize SEO, it is important to understand the back-ended nature of it. An additional layer is that is required is the content piece. SEO is also dependent on the stage of your company.

For companies in the early stages, like startups that don’t have brand awareness, it’s important to answer the question: how much content is being produced. This will have a major impact on your SEO and ability to reach your audience. But if you are not producing content, then you can get more traffic through paid channels.

Companies that are B2B or SaaS-based need to focus on content that will rank and answer people’s questions. If it is an eCommerce company then you can put SEO on the back burner while you focus on performance-based marketing. This will give you a stronger understanding of your audience and most importantly customers. SEO is important in all marketing, but priority is dependent on size and company type.