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Verizon To Sell Yahoo & AOL For $5 Billion After Buying Each For About $5 Billion

In 2015 Verizon bought AOL for about $4.4 billion while AOL was under Tim Armstrong’s leadership. Then in 2016, Verizon bought Yahoo for about $4.83 billion while Yahoo was under Marissa Mayer’s leadership. Now, in 2021, Verizon is selling 90% of both companies to a private equity firm for a total of $5 billion.

Yes, two former Google executives, Tim Armstrong and Marissa Mayer ran two historic internet companies into their demise, and they ultimately were sold off for a fraction of what they were worth just several years ago. Did Google place them in these companies? Maybe that is a bad joke…

The good news, Yahoo won’t go under the name Oath anymore. Seems like the new owner will use Yahoo for the name of the company.

We lost the Yahoo Directory, we lost Yahoo Answers – maybe this new owner will revitalize these properties? Maybe the old American Online CDs will become vintage NFTs and they can monetize them that way?

Just wow – what a piece of internet history.

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