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User Generate Content Products Reviews Likely Won’t Rank Well In Google Search

Google’s John Mueller implied that since the product reviews update has been rolled out, it will be hard for user generated content generated product reviews to rank well in Google Search. John said on Twitter “the focus there is clearly on reviews from experts. Keeping the quality of a UGC site high is hard, I don’t have a simple solution.”

John is basically saying that Google’s new algorithm aims to rank product reviews written by experts, people who really do a great job reviewing the product, higher in the search results than other types of product reviews. If random people can submit any review on a product you have listed on your website, it would be super hard for you to control the quality of that content and thus it would likely not rank well. Anything is possible but generally, a true expert won’t just drop by some random site and leave a super detailed product review for you.

Here are those tweets from John but first the question so you have the context:

If you missed the news on this new update, check it out in my Google product reviews update story.

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