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The Google Search Relations Team From 10 Years Ago

On January 10th, Gary Illyes will be celebrating his 10 year work anniversary at Google. He joined Google 10 years ago after being in the SEO community for years and years prior to that. John Mueller, his boss, shared a photo on Twitter of the team from 2011, about ten years ago. Back then the team was known as Webmaster Trends Analysts but today, Search Relations.

I’ll be honest, I know all the names of everyone in that photo with the exception of the man standing in the back. I believe I met him once but I forgot his name, someone help me out here?

I tagged the wrong Susan by accident:

It is like Gary to correct me by linking to a story here with the correct information.

This post is part of our daily Search Photo of the Day column, where we find fun and interesting photos related to the search industry and share them with our readers.

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