Spike Google My Business Suspensions

There has been a large number of recent complaints that Google is suspending tons of Google My Business listings. It seems these are account wide suspensions, where if you have multiple business listings in your account, all those listings would be suspended together.

I am seeing tons of complaints about this in the Google My Business Help Forums, I cannot even link to them all, just so many individual businesses complaining their listings were suspended. There are complaints in the Local Search Forums as well and also tons of complaints on social media.

Taylor Kurtz first notified me of these issues on Friday:

It sounds like many local SEOs are dealing with this issue for their clients:

Jason wanted me to add this:

So it seems like a lot of these suspensions, on some level, are warranted. So be careful who you give your Google My Business account access to.

In any event, here is Google’s help document on how to fix suspended Business Profiles.

Forum discussion at Google My Business Help Forums & Local Search Forums.