SEOs Driving Impact Outside of SEO


Episode Overview:

Join host Ben as he concludes Search Insights Week with Searchmetrics’ VP of Services Tyson Stockton and VP of Sales (Americas) Alan Turner. They conclude their discussion on how SEOs can drive impact inside, and outside, of SEO using search data.

Communicating SEO data findings with top level executives is imperative to driving impact. However, lack of SEO understanding from the top hinders communication efforts. The lack of director-level roles and growth paths within SEO plays a significant part in diminishing specialists’ authority.

Driving impact can also prove difficult within SEO as technical and content SEOs’ roles significantly differ. To effectively communicate the impact of their individual endeavors they need to articulate their findings and present information in a way that makes sense to the other.

Building a strong business case, with robust data that can show how it accomplishes the initiatives of other teams and fulfill overall company goals, is essential to driving impact inside, and outside, of SEO.