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SEO Predictions Week Pt. 2


Episode Overview:

2021 SEO Predictions week continues as host Ben discusses the second SEO prediction with VP of Client Services at Searchmetrics, Tyson Stockton, and Searchmetrics’ SEO Strategist and Advisor, Jordan Koene. 

While Google’s focus in recent years has been much about content, we also expect 2021 to usher in a renewed attention to new technical factors. Performance metrics will continue to be center stage, although less about speed and more on the design and user experience expectations that Google will set for webmasters. This includes the focus on mobile and how mobile experiences benefit users, where we expect Google to continue pushing their mobile mantra as well as creating more requirements for webmasters to follow. 

As Tyson points out, there has been some communication from Google about core web vitals being used as a mobile evaluation factor (versus desktop. These will likely move beyond the speed focus and evolve to include more elements that factor into the overall user experience. We also expect to see AMP play a less significant role this year, especially as Google deals with antitrust issues and as technology advances allow for site performance advancements outside of the AMP framework. 


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