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SEO Predictions Week Pt. 1


Episode Overview:

Join host Ben as he kicks off 2021 Predictions week with a conversation between VP of Client Services at Searchmetrics, Tyson Stockton, and Searchmetrics’ SEO Strategist and Advisor, Jordan Koene. 

The first SEO prediction for 2021 involves Google’s core updates and how they will evaluate content this year. As Jordan discusses in this episode, Google will likely kick off the year by rolling out BERT and other content-focused updates to non-English languages and smaller markets as they adjust their Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) approach. As a result, we’ll likely see a higher diversity of competition and challenges to incumbents as Google continues to reevaluate what constitutes good content. 

Google may continue to increase the weight of content over domain strength as its capabilities improve in understanding the best piece of content in relation to its authorship. Also, expect to hear more details around variety in head terms (specifically the introduction of subtopics) as well as passage indexing, which has been announced but without specifics as to the format. 



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