SEO Planning: Aligning to Corporate Goals


Episode Overview:

 Join host Ben as he kicks off SEO Planning Week with Searchmetrics’ Strategist and Advisor Jordan Koene as they discuss the first planning step – Company goal alignment. Together they discuss the best processes to follow that will ensure companies enter 2021 on the right foot.

Aligning with company goals involves taking a step out of the day-to-day processes of SEO to determine how to drive traffic that fulfills greater company goals. Contributing to alignment setting in bigger companies is a more difficult task than smaller companies. In order to create influence in larger organizations,  SEOs must speak the language other departments and teams use to effectively communicate initiatives. 

Communicating how you’ll use SEO as a research tool to influence overall organizational strategy for each team is key to aligning goals. Understanding exactly what the company is trying to achieve is a vital first step in alignment. Hold team members to task by writing down what coworkers and team members say, so you’re able to recite it back later and create accountability.

At some point throughout the process you want to identify what you can contribute the most to help the organization succeed. You’ll also want to position yourself to ensure that the organization can give back to you in some way, whether it’s growth paths or future leadership opportunities.