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SEO and Poker Analogies (Mental Models)


Episode Overview:

Join host Ben as he speaks with’s Director of Marketing Bill King about how to launch a successful question and answer-driven SEO campaign. Together they discuss how to combine mental models of SEO and Poker align in surprising ways.

King shares his experience as a Poker player, which helped him understand how to receive and act with imperfect information. It helped him segue into a marketing career and better understand vague elements of SEO. Poker players and SEO specialists both weigh risk, thinking about whether a certain action will ruin their credibility, gauging the upside of a particular action or strategy.

Poker and SEO’s most fundamental lesson lies in solving for expected value. In poker there’s a 50/49.5% chance of winning a lot of money or a thin spot of falling short or losing, or if by calling you lose money, but setting yourself up for a long-term win. SEO works similar in that respect when it comes to a range of business decisions and SEO strategies. One strategy could result in high profitability, yet low risk or high risk and low profitability. 

SEOs have to weigh each decision and wager whether an unexpected outcome will unfold based on the time, effort and money put into a particular strategy or tactic.

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