SearchBox Launches SearchAI SmartSuggest, Answers & Personalization

SearchBlox, a company that provides enterprise search server tools, has launched SearchAI SmartSuggest, SearchAI Answers and SearchAI Personalization. SearchAI Answers uses natural language processing to provide a more intuitive search experience similar to Google’s Featured Snippets. Websites with a lot of data to search through can integrate SearchBlox’s tools into their internal site search to now provide better suggest, answers, and personalization.

SearchBlox’s SmartSuggest is similar to Google’s autocomplete. It suggests similar keywords as the user types in their search query. It doesn’t rely on historical search logs.

SearchAI Personalization by SearchBlox predicts personas for users. SearchAI Personalization understands your searcher intent with a few search queries and personalizes the user’s search journey.

SearchBlox offers a SearchAI SmartSuggest starter license for free. The SearchBlox Growth License, priced at $249/month, includes 10 million search queries and 10,000 predictions per month. Their Pro License is $499/month includes 50 million search queries and 25,000 predictions per month.

SearchAI Answers is costs $60,000/year for 100,000 URLs/Documents.