Scoping the Content Creation Process


Episode Overview:

Join host Ben as he continues his conversation with Textbroker CEO Phillip Thune reviewing Ben’s content strategy for his website. Together they discuss how to scope the content creation process and what costs to expect as you create more content.  

Throughout the discussion Ben uses his MarTech directory page as the case study for scaling content. As you scale content you want to ensure your content is unique and that database-like pages don’t directly plagiarize from similar sites. Using public domain information is safe, but you want to add more details and features similar pages don’t offer to rank with Google. 

When searching for writers to assist in scaling your content production, balancing costs is imperative. Depending on what services you use, a 500 word piece of content can increase costs by nearly a factor of 10. A cost-effective solution is to hire writers who can write at a college level and have some experience with writing content online or managing their own website. They typically don’t charge as much as industry professionals and sometimes offer the same quality of work at affordable rates.