Rand Fishkin’s Guide to Understanding Your Audience // Sparktoro


Episode Overview:

Join host Ben as he continues his conversation with Rand Fishkin, co-founder, and CEO at SparkToro. Together they discuss the importance of understanding your audience.

Rand kicks off the discussion with his career path and his decision to move away from SEO. His current position stems from a clause in his contract and his desire to explore market research, competitive intelligence, and more. This field has always fascinated Rand and as a marketer, this was an area he wanted to explore and solve.

Companies often struggle with finding where they should target their customers online. To make matters harder, some of these customers don’t know where they should start their searches. Rand’s goal is to help companies answer customers’ questions through search.

You have to understand who your customer is in order to build out your marketing strategy. Rand recommends not using demographic data when it comes to developing your strategy. By answering the “who”, the “what” and the “why”, companies can build out great marketing to reach the people who need it.