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Piggy Back Off Your Popular Discover Stories

Dan Shure shared a screenshot on Twitter of a client of his who got a big win in Google Discover. Then they decided to create more articles on the same topic to see if those new articles can ride the same Google Discover wave and it seemed to work.

Here is the chart that shows the three stories that add up to over 400,000 clicks from Google Discover to the website. I wonder which one came first, was it the one that got the most visits?

click for full size

Dan explained that “this site rode the wave of something a little news-worthy/timely in their space. Posting multiple pieces around a very similar topic goes against traditional SEO (don’t overlap topics too closely) so if you take this approach content auditing/cleanup later becomes more important.” He added, “It’s also why I get so excited about Google Discover. 400,00 visits just from saying “let’s post 3 more times around a similar topic”.”

Yes, generally, you probably do not want to post the same story three times in a row, even if they are slightly different.

But to be honest, I feel like sometimes this has worked for me, in some cases. I don’t think I will be testing this a lot or even at all, but it is something to keep an eye on.

Maybe if Google says your site should be in Google Discover now for a specific keyword phrase, that if you have other articles that are on that topic, those can also rank in Google Discover.

Another question is to ask if that one story would have received over 400,000 clicks? Did he need to make more stories in order to get more traffic? Would the wave have taken that single surfer the whole way there or did they need multiple surfers along the wave? Not sure if that is a good analogy.

I am not sure how easy this is to test, but would be interested in hearing your thoughts on this.

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