OneSix Acquires Strong Analytics – Bill Hartzer

The combined company will be one of the first to bridge data engineering, ML, and AI services for the enterprise.


OneSix has announced its acquisition of Strong Analytics, a renowned consultancy specializing in Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). This strategic merger positions the combined company as one of the first to seamlessly bridge data engineering, ML, and AI services, offering a comprehensive end-to-end solution for enterprises eager to harness the transformative power of AI.

A Powerful Synergy in Data and AI

The union of OneSix and Strong Analytics creates a formidable team with a diverse mix of talents that is nearly unmatched in the industry. The integrated team will include data scientists, engineers, machine learning experts, AI engineers, and LLM Ops specialists, all collaborating to address client challenges with innovative solutions. From developing next-best-action engines to creating AI agents for customer service optimization, the expanded capabilities of OneSix are set to unlock new levels of value from data through advanced ML and generative AI solutions.

“The acquisition of Strong Analytics is a game-changer for OneSix and our clients,” said Dave Kilimnik, the newly appointed CEO of OneSix and former CEO of Hero Digital. “By uniting our capabilities, we are setting a new standard in the industry. We provide a seamless integration of data and AI solutions that will empower enterprises to unlock the transformative value of AI and drive meaningful business outcomes.”

Leadership and Vision

Leading OneSix into its next growth phase, Dave Kilimnik brings extensive industry experience and a clear vision for the future. Under his leadership, the company aims to set a new benchmark for excellence in delivering AI and data-driven solutions. The addition of Strong Analytics’ expertise, particularly in financial services, pharmaceuticals, and technology, enhances OneSix’s ability to serve blue-chip clients across various sectors.

Brock Ferguson and Jacob Zweig, co-founders of Strong Analytics, expressed their enthusiasm for the merger. “We are thrilled to be part of OneSix,” said Brock Ferguson. “Our shared vision and complementary strengths will enable us to set a new benchmark for excellence in delivering AI and data-driven solutions to our clients.”

Expanding Partnerships and Capabilities

OneSix’s strategic partnership with Snowflake is poised for significant expansion, keeping pace with the soaring demand for Snowflake-specific services. As Snowflake’s software revenue is projected to grow from $2 billion today to $10 billion by 2029, OneSix is uniquely positioned to help clients not only migrate data to Snowflake’s cloud infrastructure but also derive substantial value from it through impactful business applications. The new ML and AI service offerings from OneSix are specifically designed to fill this critical gap in the market.

OneSix is a leading data engineering company that assists businesses in building the strategy, technology, and teams needed to unlock the power of their data. The company’s team of skilled data consultants integrates seamlessly with client teams to address business challenges and maximize value. Leveraging partnerships with industry leaders like Snowflake, Matillion, Fivetran, and Pyramid Analytics, OneSix utilizes modern technology, scalable architectures, and best practices to deliver superior results. For more information, visit OneSix Solutions.

Strong Analytics is a premier provider of custom machine learning software and solutions. With a team of machine learning scientists and engineers boasting extensive cross-industry experience, Strong Analytics has built and deployed innovative ML solutions to tackle organizations’ most challenging problems. Prior to its acquisition by OneSix, Strong Analytics was owned by Advantage Solutions Inc., a leading business solutions provider for consumer goods manufacturers and retailers. For more information, visit Strong Analytics.

This acquisition marks a significant milestone for OneSix and Strong Analytics, combining their strengths to offer unparalleled AI and data engineering services. With this merger, enterprises can expect to see a new era of integrated, innovative solutions that drive business success in an increasingly data-driven world.