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Moz Announces Speakers for 16th Annual MozCon Virtual Conference

Moz has announced the speaker lineup for the 16th annual MozCon virtual conference. This year’s MozCon, usually held in Seattle, Washington, will be virtual, all held online, on July 12-14, 2021. Over 20 Search Engine Optimization and digital marketing professionals will be speaking on topics from search marketing, mobile, conversion optimization, local search, and a few more marketing-related topics.

This year’s MozCon speakers include:

Amanda Milligan, Marketing Director at Fractl
Areej AbuAli, SEO Consultant at
Brie Anderson, Owner, Founder at BEAST Analytics
Britney Muller, Serial Entrepreneur and Data Science Student at Data Sci 101
Cyrus Shepard, SEO Consultant at Moz
Dana DiTomaso, President & Partner at Kick Point
Flavilla Fongang, Founder & Creative Brand Strategist at 3 Colours Rule
Jackie Chu, SEO Lead, Intelligence at Uber
Joy Hawkins, Owner at Sterling Sky Inc
Joyce Collardé, SEO Supervisor at Obility
Lily Ray, SEO Director at Path Interactive
Luke Carthy, eCommerce Consultant at
Pete Meyers, Marketing Scientist at Moz
Rob Ousbey, VP, Product at Moz
Ross Simmonds, Founder, CEO at Foundation Marketing
Sarah Bird, CEO at Moz
Shannon McGuirk, Client Services and Delivery Director at Aira
Tom Capper, Senior Search Scientist at Moz
Wil Reynolds, at Founder & Vice President of Innovation and Seer Interactive

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