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Most SEOs Learned SEO Hands On

Last week we saw a poll about where SEOs go for help when they have an SEO problem. This week I see a poll from Carolyn Lyden on how most SEOs learned SEO. It seems like the vast majority of SEOs learned SEO hands-on, by getting their hands dirty and just doing the work.

In this Twitter poll which was used for data for the SEL mentorship program – the results showed 77.4% of SEOs learned SEO “hands-on”, then 10.7% through do-it-yourself courses, 9.8% said they had a mentor teach them and only 2.2% said they took courses on SEOs. I am sure there are more ways to learn SEO but it is super interesting to see how many people learned SEO by doing it themselves.

Here is the Twitter poll:

How did you learn SEO?

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