Microsoft Bing Wants To Build Instant Indexing Into WordPress Core

As I covered at Search Engine Land the other day, Fabrice Canel From Microsoft issued a feature request to WordPress to bake into the product instant indexing. Well, really, instant pushing of URLs to the search engines so the search engines don’t have to crawl sites to find new or updated content.

Fabrice wrote on Twitter “I proposed to make it easier for WordPress site owners to get their web content instantly indexed in all Search Engines leveraging an open standard benefitting all Search Engines, help us to make it great.”

So this is an open proposal that will work with Microsoft Bing but also open to all other search engines if they want to use this ‘open standard.” I assume the standard would be based off the Bing URL submission API. Also, this would replace the need for you to install the Bing URL submission plugin for WordPress.

Fabrice wrote:

Today, we propose integrating in WordPress Core the ability to notify not only Bing, but also all participating Search Engines, of any WordPress URL or Content change. Microsoft to develop and maintain the open-source code in close collaboration with WordPress. WordPress to approve, validate and include code.

Behind the scenes, WordPress will automatically submit URL or Content ensuring that the WordPress content is always fresh in the Search Engines; in exchange Search Engines will limit crawl or not crawl WordPress sites. Site owners will have the ability to opt-out or select the content they don’t want to submit to search engines.

I suspect Google might not be interested in this, outside of using it for job postings and/or live stream content – I doubt Google will expand it to all content types. But who knows.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

This story was written on Friday, March 26th and scheduled to be posted on Monday, March 29th. I am offline for Passover today.