Microsoft Bing Chat To Remove Chat Limits In Future

Right now you cannot sit all day and ask Bing Chat questions, no matter how lonely you are, at some point, Bing will say to give it a break. But those limits, one day, will be removed and you will be able to talk to Bing Chat all day and all night, if you so desire.

Mikhail Parakhin, the current CEO of Bing at Microsoft and former CTO at Yandex said on Twitter that the ultimate goal is to remove the limitations and restrictions to how often you can ask Bing Chat questions.

He was asked about this on Twitter:

Here is his response:

So at some point, you will be able to chat it up for as long as you want with Bing Chat. But not right now, Bing is still optimizing it for speed, efficiency and other areas. This will likely start with balanced mode and then move on to other modes afterwards.

This weekend, Bing did a big increase to see how the servers handle it:

And then the other day another increase:

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