Microsoft Advertising Announced Ads For AI-Powered Chat

Microsoft Advertising announced a new ad solution for AI-powered chat experiences and solutions. Microsoft said this is a new way to help monetize online services, apps, and publishers monetize chat platforms.

To be honest, it is not 100% clear what this ad solution will look like or how to use it. But Microsoft wants everyone to know that they are coming out with an ad solution for AI-chat platforms. So if you are doing some sort of AI-chat, then you might want to look to monetize those chats through Microsoft Advertising.

Microsoft wrote, “Today, we are pleased to announce an ads solution to help online services, apps, and publishers monetize chat so they can innovate in their own engaging experiences.” “We have designed a solution that gives publishers, apps and online services the flexibility to customize their experience with ads and create more economic value through their chat investments,” Kya Sainsbury-Carter from Microsoft added.

The Microsoft Advertising API “allows publishers, apps and online services to choose the ad formats that they believe are optimal for their audience in a way that feels natural to their native experience.” “Our ads for chat API can serve ads on chat platforms from Microsoft or other companies,” Microsoft added.

What this looks like to both end users and advertisers is not immediately clear.

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