John Mueller Of Google Says SEO Lives & Dies With Consistency

Google’s John Mueller reiterated on Twitter that consistency is the number one piece of SEO advice. He said last night on Twitter that “SEO lives and dies with consistency.”

Here is that tweet in context:

In 2015, John Mueller said this at SMX conference. He said his top SEO advice is be consistent. He reiterated it again in 2019 and 2018 and numerous times before and after this.

John is talking about it being important for you to be consistent with your website and what signals you send to Google. Don’t use trailing slashes on some URLs and not on others. Don’t send a canonical tag to one destination, but 301 it to another. Don’t put structured data in one place where it isn’t supported. Be technically consistent.

And also, when it comes to doing well and building your brand – be consistent. Product content on a consistent basis so your audience knows what to expect from you and when to expect it. The more consistent you are in your professional world, the more you will be trusted and that takes a long time of being consistent to earn that trust. It also helps with raising children, but I am not parenting expert. 🙂

That being said – be consistent, it will benefit you not just in SEO but in many other ways.

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