John Mueller of Google: Move JavaScript Below HTML Headers

Google’s John Mueller recommends placing JavaScript code below the HTML element to ensure that search engines can clearly understand your website.

Google’s John Mueller suggests keeping your <head> “Clean” HTML element section to ensure search crawlers can fully understand your website.

Mueller shares this advice in a Reddit thread, where a user asks if the placement of the HTML code could cause SEO issues.

The answer is yes; HTML placement could negatively impact your SEO efforts if it doesn’t appear at the top of the page.

John Mueller on JavaScript in the Head Element

Mueller’s intention was to emphasize the importance of keeping the <head> neat and tidy HTML document section with scripts that can be placed elsewhere.

The <head> The element should only contain metadata about the document itself used by browsers and search engines, which helps search engines understand what the page is about and provides data to browsers and search engines to display the web page correctly (which means to display it correctly).

Some JavaScript code that can be placed after <head> element should go next.

After moving any JavaScript code from the <head> section, Mueller recommends using the renderer in Search Console to see if the page renders correctly after the move.

“The html headers (<head>) should be pretty much at the top. I’d move any JS under the HTML headers and check with the render tool in the search console that the JS doesn’t mess up the <head> section.”

As for the main content, Mueller says its positioning is less important, although it is crucial for the <head> it must be clean and well organized so that Googlebot can understand it correctly.

“For the content it doesn’t really matter, but since the main part is for machine-readable information that has been verified to be in a specific part of the page, it really needs to be clean on top.

Down with JavaScript! (in the <head>)”

Why Does The Placement Of JavaScript Matter For SEO?

When designing a website, it is best to use the async and defer attributes strategically which allows for the best rendering and interactivity at maximum page speed for users.

This is because JavaScript can delay rendering a web page while it loads, resulting in a poor user experience.

HTML can be rendered first, allowing the user to view the content while JavaScript loads in the background with proper use of the defer and async attributes.

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SEO will continue to exist for a long time because social media and search engines will most likely merge. In fact, Facebook has already started doing this, averaging more than 1.5 billion searches every day, while Twitter has joined in partnership with Google.

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Mueller (born June 21, 1937) is an American political scientist in the field of international relations and dance history scholar. He is recognized for his ideas on the “banality of ethnic warfare” and the theory that major world conflicts are fast becoming obsolete.

Who is John Mueller on Google? John coordinates search relationship efforts with Google as a search advocate. He and his team connect Google’s internal world of search engineering to those who build and optimize public websites.