Clicky Launches Innovative Online Storefront, a leader in AI-powered solutions for intellectual property and innovation, has taken a monumental step forward with the introduction of its cutting-edge self-serve online storefront, now accessible at This groundbreaking initiative is poised to set a new standard in the industry, making cost-effective access to InnovationQ+ available to a broad spectrum of users, ranging from individual inventors to intellectual property professionals.

InnovationQ+ has earned acclaim for its AI-driven workflows, providing businesses with actionable insights. The unveiling of the self-serve portal marks a significant milestone for, ushering in an era of unprecedented accessibility and affordability.

John Bonin, CEO at, stated, “Our vision has always been to make innovative solutions more accessible to a wider audience. We aim to empower engineers to change the world, assist individual inventors in realizing their dreams, and equip IP and R&D professionals with the necessary tools to excel, even without the constraints of an enterprise license. This momentous launch aligns perfectly with’s core values, centered on the transformation of data into actionable decisions, unlocking superior results throughout the innovation lifecycle, and instilling confidence in every interaction.”'s storefront offers four low-cost options’s online storefront offers customers four budget-friendly options:

  1. Basic Plan: This plan provides a quick start with AI-powered search essentials.
  2. Premium Plan: Designed to cater to individuals, this plan offers powerful features including HD-Analyze, Synopsis AI, unlimited projects, and more.
  3. Day Pass: Ideal for lawyers and attorneys engaged in project work, the Day Pass grants full access to all the potent features of the Enterprise Edition for a single day.
  4. Enterprise Edition: Tailored for multi-seat enterprises, this plan encompasses all the capabilities and features of InnovationQ+ while providing additional benefits.’s commitment to customer satisfaction shines through with a 10-day free trial, allowing customers to choose their preferred plan and cancel anytime without any hassle.

With InnovationQ+ from, customers no longer need to settle for subpar free alternatives or commit to costly year-long subscriptions featuring outdated solutions. This affordable, high-quality alternative delivers actionable insights and is a game-changer in the field of intellectual property.

While the primary focus of the online storefront is on InnovationQ+, continues to offer access to other solutions such as IQ Ideas+, Defensive Publishing, and a range of custom IP services.

The value proposition from is crystal clear – smarter workflows lead to faster innovation, resulting in enhanced ROI. InnovationQ+, now available at, offers unrivaled ease of use, superior data quality, and a track record of proven results, making it the preferred choice for those investing in AI technology.

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This article was written by AI and edited by Bill Hartzer.