Intellimize Revolutionizes Marketing with AI-Powered Account-Based Experiences

In a game-changing move, Intellimize, a trailblazer in AI experience optimization, unveiled its latest innovation – AI-powered Account-Based Marketing experiences (ABX). With the recent rollout of feature-packed enhancements and seamless integrations with ABM partners, marketers can effortlessly craft personalized journeys throughout the buyer’s expedition.

“As ABM marketers, we often assume we know exactly what will make someone convert in a specific segment. We provide the right social proof, messaging, and imagery and set up a rule to funnel every visitor in that segment through that experience. But by doing that we force folks into a specific journey. The B2B buyer’s journey is far more complex and it’s different for every company and without AI capabilities, it’s extremely difficult and time-consuming to get down to that 1:1 personalization at scale,” explained Tracy Sestili, former CMO and current Chief Revenue Officer of Intellimize.

The arsenal of tools in Intellimize’s latest offerings is revolutionizing the way marketers approach personalization. The newly introduced landing page builder, dynamic content features, pop-up modals, and deanonymization functionality collectively represent a cutting-edge suite that empowers marketers with unprecedented control over their campaigns. These tools seamlessly integrate with Intellimize’s proprietary AI Optimization capability, forming a powerful combination that allows marketers to effortlessly achieve true 1:1 personalization at scale, all with minimal effort.

Personalize for every persona

The landing page builder provides marketers with a user-friendly interface to craft visually appealing and highly engaging landing pages tailored to the specific preferences and behaviors of their target audience. Dynamic content features enable real-time adjustments, ensuring that the content presented to visitors dynamically adapts based on their interactions and historical behavior on the website. This dynamic approach ensures that each visitor receives a personalized experience that resonates with their unique interests and needs.

The inclusion of pop-up modals adds an interactive layer to the user experience, enabling marketers to strategically present offers, promotions, or important information at the most opportune moments. Whether it’s capturing leads, promoting special deals, or encouraging specific actions, these pop-ups can be finely tuned to align with individual visitor segments.

One of the standout features, the de-anonymization functionality, is a game-changer for marketers seeking deeper insights into their audience. By unraveling the veil of anonymity, this functionality allows marketers to understand the individual journeys of website visitors. Armed with this knowledge, marketers can tailor their strategies with a profound understanding of each visitor’s preferences, behaviors, and history, thereby enhancing the precision of their personalization efforts.

SaaS brands like Greenhouse are at the forefront of leveraging these tools, employing key data integrations to gain a comprehensive understanding of their website visitors. By tapping into known data about a visitor’s history, such as previous interactions, preferences, and engagement patterns, Greenhouse is adeptly delivering highly personalized experiences. This strategic use of data integration enables them to create tailored content and engagement strategies that resonate with the unique needs of each visitor, ultimately fostering a more meaningful and conversion-friendly interaction.

In essence, Intellimize’s suite of tools is not just a technological leap but a strategic enabler, allowing marketers to go beyond generic campaigns and truly connect with their audience on an individual level. As SaaS brands and marketers alike capitalize on these advancements, the landscape of digital experiences is evolving towards a more personalized and engaging future.


“We use Intellimize’s AI and 6sense’s account data to help identify site visitors and serve them an optimized, personalized experience. It allows us to validate our messaging and tweak the content for each of our key audiences in an efficient, automated way,” said Carin Van Vuuren, CMO of Greenhouse.

Furthermore, brands are utilizing integrations with Demandbase to tailor pages for specific target industries and revenue tiers, driving enhanced conversion rates with the most relevant content and messaging.

“We used the Intellimize integration with Demandbase to personalize pages on our website by industry and by revenue tier, and as a result, we were able to boost conversions by an average of 8.4% (and for a certain industry it was a 227% boost in conversion rates!). We were also able to figure out which messages work best for which industry and which revenue tier, which is extremely valuable across all of our marketing efforts,” shared Ally Vandenherik, Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Coupa Software.

As B2B marketers finalize 2024 plans and contemplate strategic integration of AI into their marketing strategies, Intellimize offers a codeless, cookieless, AI-powered ABM solution that seamlessly integrates with Demandbase, 6sense, or Rollworks, setting the stage for a successful year ahead.

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Intellimize stands out as the sole codeless SaaS platform leveraging AI to optimize for 1:1 personalized website experiences across the entire buyer’s journey. Trusted by leading marketing teams at Gong, Okta, Drift, Sumo Logic, Coupa, and more, Intellimize is backed by Cobalt Capital, Addition, Amplify Partners, Homebrew, and Precursor Ventures.