How to Solve Core Web Vitals Issues


Episode Overview:

Join host Ben as he continues his discussion with Marcus Tober, Founder, and Chief Evangelist at Searchmetrics. Together they chat about specific metrics and their relation to industry benchmarks.

Marcus dives into industry-specific Core Web Vital benchmarks. Marcus crawled millions of domains and noticed similarities between each industry. Google is not grouping Core Web Vitals based on industry, nor are they telling what each industry should prioritize. Marcus looked at the correlations between companies that had a lot of content on their pages vs. companies that had limited content. It’s always important to use the industry average when comparing your own page and not an industry that is not your own.

SEO is a competitive game. You are not just competing in your own space, but others as well. The biggest gap in industries was the B2B space and news. Many pages rank well in the B2B space because their pages are loading quickly. News sites are seeing slower load times because LCP, FID, and CLS scores are high. The total byte of a B2B site is 3 megabytes while News sites are 4 megabytes.

When you are in a competitive environment you can’t win on different content, you have to win based on website performance. This will tell Google that you have a faster site and will be more user-friendly. For companies that have no competition, Core Web Vitals is not something they need to prioritize because they will wait for the goods or services.  It’s important to know your audience, industry, and website so that you know what to prioritize.