How to Prepare for Mobile-Only Indexing — Mike King // iPullRank


Episode Overview

Join host Ben as he concludes his conversation with Mike King, Founder and Managing Director at iPullRank. Together they dive into how you can prepare for Mobile-only indexing. 

Mike chats about what companies need to do in order to prepare for mobile-only indexing. One of the first things that you need to check to see if this will even be a problem for your site. The best way to prepare is to use a crawling tool and configure it for Google Bot desktop and then compare it to Google Bot Mobile. When you get a sense of your structure you can evaluate and fix pages with your development team.

If you do find a discrepancy you need to look at the pages and how they are constructed. Then you can fix and ensure the experience is optimized. One of the biggest things you can do in order to prepare and if your site struggles are complete a redesign. Google is looking at how your site interacts with its users. By completing a redesign, you can factor in your call to action and not breaking the conversations on the page.