How to Determine a Search Marketing Tech Stack That Works


Episode Overview:

Join host Ben as he concludes his conversation with Garrett Mehrguth, founder and CEO of Directive Consulting, about how the general marketing perspective influences our SEO strategies. Today Ben and Garrett discuss the best ways to approach building your search marketing tech stack. 

The software needed for your search marketing efforts depends entirely on your goals. For example, selling a B2B product to a segmented audience and a sales development team might require different SaaS solutions than a B2C offering with self onboarding and a high volume of clients. Before even starting down the path of search marketing software exploration, pause and think about who you’re selling to and how you can reach these people. 

In addition to deeply understanding your business and who to target, it’s critical to evaluate your search marketing resources in relation to your goals. Many marketers are spread thin across different initiatives with numerous tools to learn, leaving little time to use any real effectiveness. This is where hiring an agency like Directive Consulting can help, or by leveraging an enterprise solution with expert consulting services such as Searchmetrics.