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How Long Stories Last On Google Discover

Ever wonder how long an article or story typically lasts on Google Discover? What is the average stickiness of a story displaying on Google Discover?

Valentin Pletzer told us he measured 6,000 URLs from more than 1,300 different publishers of which 66% of the URLs happen to be AMP. The data showed that 6% last for only an hour but 61% last for between one hour and 24 hours.

Only 17% of those articles last between one and two days and 7% between two and three days. But guess what, 9% of articles last over three days on Google Discover. Valentin said the youngest article only lasted about 70 seconds while the oldest stuck for 710 days (almost two years old).

Here is the pie chart he made:

click for full size

Here is the breakdown by the first 24-hours provided:

click for full size

Note: I do suspect some of these stories do not just sit in Google Discover forever. But instead Google might resurface some older content to some users over time. Also, what I see in my Google Discover feed will be very different from what you see. And how long I see what I see also will differ. So it is super hard to measure these results.

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