How Google’s Useful Content Update Affected SEO News In 12 Different Countries

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Wondering why some of your posts seem to have suddenly dropped off this year?

Could this be part of a larger trend?

On August 25, 2022, Google began providing information that may interest advertisers and their visibility. On September 12, they announced another major update.

These basic updates were named “Helpful Content Updates”.

Today, we will be showing you how publishers around the world were affected by them.

What Is The Helpful Content Update?

The Google Helpful Content update is an algorithm update that focuses on:

Google often updates its algorithm to better match content to searchers, and sometimes, the visibility of advertisers is greatly affected.

Which Google Categories Has The Helpful Content Update Impacted?

In this article, we will be showing which publishers around the world have been affected by Helpful Information.

We checked each Google group to see if we would find anything surprising during the updates and selected one or two countries per group where the changes were most noticeable.

All information displayed in this article is taken from Trisolute’s News Dashboard.

How We Discovered The Impact Of The Helpful Content Update

We wanted to make sure to look at the most visible publishers for the most relevant, most relevant keywords based on Google News and Trends to get the most impactful results for the format of the printer.

All rankings are based on the actual 15-minute crawl time, so we used the following filter settings in KPI Dashboard → Mobile News Box:

With those filter settings, we looked at different countries from around the world one by one.

Top Stories


Here, we can see that two publishers, El Financiero and Infobae, are obviously affected by the updates:

While El Financiero showed a rise in visibility after the August update, Infobae dropped visibility after that.

After the September update, El Financiero again showed a noticeable decline.

Screenshot from Trisolute News Dashboard, October 2022

The two straight lines mark the two developments respectively.

Publishers seem to have been less affected by the August update than the September update, both positively and negatively.

Country-Specific News


20 Minutes and Blick both appeared after the August update.

Then, in week 36 (September 5 – September 11), 20 Minutes had its peak of visibility, while Blick has started to decline.

From week 36 to 37, the week the second update took place, both publishers dropped significantly.

Screenshot from Trisolute News Dashboard, October 2022

Although publishers seemed to benefit from August’s improvement in this category, September’s improvement led to a drop in their visibility.

World News


For Columbia, there was an increase in visibility after the August update, especially for El Tiempo and Semana, while the visibility of El Espectador was somewhat stagnant.

However, visibility dropped for all three publishers before the September update and remained relatively flat after it.

Only El Espectador was able to reappear after the second revision.

Screenshot from Trisolute News Dashboard, October 2022

Both of these developments caused quite a stir in the appearance of publishers.

Business News


Here, we can see that between the two updates, CNN saw a loss in visibility, but these came together again in the September update.

RPP was also able to establish visibility initially, but lost it before and after the September update.

For El Comercio, there was a temporary change after the August update, but then it calmed down again.

Screenshot from Trisolute News Dashboard, October 2022

It appears that the first reform had a stronger and more negative impact on Peruvian publishers than the second.

Science & Technology News


In Science & In terms of technology, French publishers have largely been able to maintain or build their visibility after the August update.

However, both Jeuxvideo and Gamekult lost visibility after the September update – only Le Monde increased its visibility after the two devices.

Screenshot from Trisolute News Dashboard, October 2022

For many French publishers, Google’s two updates to Science & The technical team caused a loss of visibility.

Entertainment News


In the Australian Entertainment category,’s visibility increased into the August update, only to then show a sharp decline that lasted until the September update week.

This caused the visibility rate to flatten again.

Screenshot from Trisolute News Dashboard, October 2022

The first update in August appears to have had a particularly negative impact on Australian publishers in the Entertainment category, while the second update in September had a more positive impact.

United Kingdom

For U.K. publishers, two updates showed the biggest impact on visibility, as can be seen below for the Daily Mail and the Mirror.

Both publishers showed an increase in their visibility before Week 34.

Then, when the August update happened, both of their appearances dropped significantly.

For the Daily Mail, the graph goes down continuously, even through the September update, but for the Mirror, this second proposal has made them go down even more in terms of visibility.

Screenshot from Trisolute News Dashboard, October 2022

Here, the first update in August had a significant impact on the visibility of publishers; the second had only a moderate effect.

Sports News


In the Canadian Sports category, TSN gained visibility during the August update, but lost a bit in the week before and during the September update. However, they got it back after the upgrade.

CBC’s visibility, on the other hand, went the other way: Before the August update, their visibility increased significantly, then dropped slightly during the September update and the following week.

Screenshot from Trisolute News Dashboard, October 2022

The August Update had a greater impact on the visibility of publishers in the Sports category, for some immediately during the update, and for others in the following weeks.

Health News


In the Life category, the Austrian broadcasters Der Standard and ORF were able to significantly increase visibility after the August update and brought this increase through the September update with minor changes.

On the other hand, Kurier and losing visibility after the August update, but they were also able to do this after the September update.

Screenshot from Trisolute News Dashboard, October 2022

For Austrian publishers, the August update seems to have had a significant impact on their visibility in the Health section, negative for some publishers and positive for others.

United States

In the category of U.S. Health, progress seems to be the same between NPR and The New York Times, because initially, both lost visibility after the August update.

However, NPR continued to lose visibility until the September update and after that, their visibility increased slightly again.

For The New York Times, on the other hand, things got worse: First, they regained visibility between the two updates, but lost significantly in the September update week, and they get it again the following week. .

Screenshot from Trisolute News Dashboard, October 2022

The August update seems to have had a negative effect on the visibility of publishers in the Health category, while the second update in September had a positive effect.

COVID-19 News


In the context of the COVID-19 in Brazil, the three publishers Globo, Abril, and UOL showed very little changes in their visibility during the August update week.

However, in week 36, which marks the week before the September update, Abril and Globo dropped in their visibility, while UOL rose.

For Globo, this drop continued throughout the September update while UOL continued to rise; only Abril was able to hold on again and flatten the curve.

Screenshot from Trisolute News Dashboard, October 2022

Brazil’s major publishers appear to have been more affected by the September update than the August update.


In the German phase of COVID-19, DER SPIEGEL was very visible in the week leading up to the August update and gradually lost it.

With the September update, DER SPIEGEL’s trend rose again.

The picture is different for Die Zeit: Here, the publisher lost visibility a week before the August update and regained it. They are also able to maintain this appearance with a small reduction in time between updates.

However, they lost a lot of visibility with the September update.

Screenshot from Trisolute News Dashboard, October 2022

Here, both developments seem to have had an impact on visibility at the same time.

Key Findings For How Google’s Helpful Content Update Affected Publishers

For top advertisers in many countries, the first Helpful Content Submission in August appears to have had a greater impact on their visibility than the second in September. It cannot be clearly said that publishers’ visibility was only negatively affected by the reforms, as others benefited from them.

Here are some interesting facts we noticed:

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Featured image: Image via Trisolute News Dashboard. Used with permission.

What is low content pages?

Google defines thin content as “low-quality or shallow pages on your site,†or content that provides little or no value to users.

How do I edit the bottom content pages? Develop valuable content

  • Specify a suitable keyword to refocus the post.
  • Satisfy the search intent for that word.
  • Cover the topic in detail as needed.
  • Add statistics or links to supporting content.
  • Remove unnecessary ads and CTAs.
  • Fix broken links.

What is content low?

If there are links within the content that take users to sites unrelated to what the link says it will take the user to, the content will be judged as low quality.

What is a low quality page?

Low-quality web pages can be one of three things: pages that don’t have a lot of content (such as pages attached to WordPress that are used as image frames) that have duplicate content. pages with poorly written content.

What is thin content Google?

So what is thin content? Thin content is content that has little or no value to the user. Google considers landing pages, low-quality related pages, or pages with little or no content as thin pages.

What is Google’s content status? Thin content is content on a page that has little or no value to the visitor. This means auto-generated content, unhelpful related content, content stolen from other sites, or content from portal pages. Basically, useless news.

What is considered thin content word count?

A word count of 300 words is usually considered “small content”. That’s a lot of words you’ve read this far.

Does more content increase SEO?

SEO Benefits of Long Form Content. Longer content generates higher search rankings. Simply put, research shows that long content dominates the first page of search rankings.


How was Google last helpful content update for your sites?

Google announced a content update in August to connect people with useful content. It’s part of a broader effort to ensure that people see original, useful content written by people, by people, in search results.

What is the helpful content update by Google?

The development of helpful content was the main focus of the SEO and media industry over the past two weeks. Hundreds of thousands of articles, reports and countless social media posts have declared that Google search is becoming more and more helpful. The news shows that the update is a big PR success for Google.

What information can Google help? Google content optimization focuses more on content that appears to be designed to rank higher in search engines rather than to help or inform people. â Google told us.

When did Google helpful content update come out?

It started on December 5 and will take two weeks to complete. In an announcement on Twitter, Google says: “Helpful news update of Dec. 2022 released Dec. 5, goes live today and will take two weeks to fully roll out.

What is helpful content according to Google?

As a reminder, Google content optimization focuses on removing content written for the purpose of ranking in search engines that is not helpful or informative. Google said the update will “handle content that appears to be optimized for search engine rankings.”

What do I need to know about Google helpful content update?

What is helpful information on Google? Google content optimization is a search engine algorithm change designed to provide users with relevant, helpful information that satisfies their queries. In other words, this update aims to show users content written by humans for the benefit of search engines.

What does Google look for in content?

The amount that the content satisfies the user’s query This is obviously the most important factor to ensure that Google ranks your content at the top. They are looking for content that provides the most prominent solution to their users’ queries. If you provide the right answer for users, Google will rank you higher.