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Helping news publishers control how their content is displayed in Bing

As part of Bing’s continuing efforts to empower news publishers, Bing has announced that publishers will have more tools to control the snippets that preview their site on the Bing results page.


A simple and efficient way for news publishers to submit their content for potential exposure to millions of Windows, Outlook, and Bing users who get their news through these channels is to submit their site for inclusion in the Bing News publisher portal, Bing News PubHub.


All news publications are strongly encouraged to register. By submitting your site, you may benefit from the following:

  • You are providing the most up to date information for your site so that Bing can make your content accessible in multiple formats and across many devices.  
  • You are informed of new or improved Bing features and products, and best practices on how to leverage them to drive users to your content.  
  • You are informed of opportunities to partner with us on creating the future of news experiences.  
  • You have a line of support when you need it.

To be considered, first ensure that your site meets both the Bing Webmaster Guidelines and Bing News Publisher Guidelines, then visit Bing News PubHub to get started.

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