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Google’s Response To Reversing The December 2020 Core Update

There are some SEOs that are asking Google to reverse the December 2020 Google core update. Truth is, it is very common to see this reaction after every single core update. Google’s John Mueller first response was “nah, sorry” when he was asked about reversing it. But then he went into a thoughtful response on why not to reverse it.

Here is the funny response:

Now for the thoughtful part…

John says nowadays there are tons of really excellent sites who want the top positions in Google search:

This was not the case 10 years ago on the web. Searchers expect more and there are more web sites that are doing better things every day:

Google’s recommendations are not only truthful, he says, but it remains valid from algorithm update to algorithm update:

Searcher expectations are higher now then it was years ago and Google keeps improving.

So Google continues to make changes to tweak out improvements. Some of those changes are clear, like HTTPS, site speed, core web vitals, mobile-friendly, etc. But not all changes are so clear and direct.

Yes, when a site gets hit it can be frustrating but often it is not one thing but many small things that site needs to do to improve:

Then they spoke about jarring vs subtle changes over time, which I covered before but here:

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