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Google Video On Traffic Fluctuations For Organic & Monetized Content

Aurora Morales, from Publisher Policy Education at Google, published her first video on the “Sustainable Monetized Websites” series. This one covers traffic fluctuations. It goes over how to spot them, what to watch out for, how to ensure you do not violate organic or paid rules and much more.

And Aurora does this fun split personality thing for her co-hosts; Organic(a), the Search Champion, and Monetized, the Publishing Guru.

Here is what was covered:

  • Site traffic fluctuations
  • Traffic should come from genuine user interest
  • Invalid traffic
  • AdSense suspensions
  • Search Console performance report to see big fluctuations
  • Big changes to your site can cause changes and look at index coverage report and enhancement reports and much more
  • Make pages for users not search engines and do not trick search engines
  • Be smart about how you monetize your site

Here is the video:

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