Google Testing Map Auto-Expansion Feature In Web Search

Google is testing having the map box automatically expand within the web search results, above or on the right side of the local pack results, when you begin to place your mouse cursor over the results.

I tried several browsers to try to replicate this but I was unsuccessful. I found two examples of people sharing this test, one on Twitter and one in the Local Search Forum.

Here is an optimized GIF from the forum thread from James:

Google Maps Expand Web Search

Here is a GIF from Elizabeth Rule on Twitter – the full video is on Loom>:

Google Map Auto Expand

Here is the tweet of a video of this in action:

I am not sure I like this, I mean, I can see this confusing searchers and searchers wanting to get rid of this larger box that automatically covers up a lot of the rest of the page.

Forum discussion at Twitter and Local Search Forum.