Google Testing Displaying Images Within Snippets On Mouse Hover

Here is a weird one spotted by Vlad Rappoport and posted on Twitter. He showed how when you place your mouse cursor over a snippet’s title, images can dynamically load beneath that snippet.

Here is a GIF of it in action.

He posted a video of this, that is longer and better quality:

Is this an issue with CLS or the action of hovering your mouse over something negates that?

Vlad Rappoport first spotted this on Friday but now as of Monday morning, a ton of folks are noticing it. I have tried to replicate this myself but it is not coming up for me yet. Some are even noticing it with icons in the snippet, to convey to the searcher that there are images available in this snippet. I wonder if this is a test or something Google is rolling out.

Here are more screen shots and video captures:

Forum discussion at Twitter.