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Google Shopping’s Black Friday Takeover?


Episode Overview:

Join host Ben as he continues Black Friday Predictions Week with Searchmetrics’ VP of Services Tyson Stockton as they make predictions for Black Friday. Together they share a prediction that Google Shopping is going to take over Black Friday.

Google made moves earlier in 2020 by offering Google Shopping listings through their product feeds. Implementing a more structured format within the product feed and actual SERPs are designed to position Google as a competitive adversary for Amazon. The initiative is more of a long-term play than just an optimization to win Black Friday 2020.

Tyson predicts Amazon will remain the victor in ecommerce for Black Friday 2020, but believes Google’s new ventures into the shopping space make it more competitive. There’s also potential for Google to win certain niches. Amazon isn’t providing Google with product feeds, freeing up the ecommerce space for smaller brands to gain more traction on Google’s platform. 

Ultimately Google is aiming to be the first destination for all product searches with its free listings and product feeds, while quickly providing the right products people are searching for.

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